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Staying Safe During Distance Learning - A Nanny's Guide

Updated: Jan 14

Yes, you love your kid. That's a solid fact. However, staying at home with them during COVID-19 may have tested you to your limits. You're grateful schools are reopening and can't wait for someone else to handle their curiosity for a change. But before you put them on that bus… pause. Think. Is it safe?

Is there any chance that sending them to school might expose them to danger and possible infection?

Is it worth it?

If you're finding it hard to answer this question reassuringly, you might want to rethink the whole back-to-school thing now.

black board for distance learning

"How will my kids get their education?" you say.

Well, fret no more. We've got the perfect solution for you and your children.


Of course, this will mean your kids will remain home some more, but hey! It's better than the traditional school setting – and safer, too.

In fact, to help you with your decision, we will look at some of the benefits you – and your kids – can get out of homeschooling, especially during this period.


Since some schools reopened a while back, there's been a rash of COVID-19 cases among teachers and students alike. For instance, about 1200 students and staff had to be quarantined in the Cherokee School District in Georgia to prevent the spread.

That's quite a number.

But, your child would be safe from all this if you opt for homeschooling because it's just you – or a trusted nanny-teacher – and your kid. There's no pack of children rubbing shoulders and sneezing. No dirty pencils are being passed around.

You also don't have to worry that a kid might get sick and you won't be able to hear about it on time.

Yes, that's an actual concern.

According to, some school districts are finding it difficult to share information about the number of COVID cases they may have in their schools, leaving parents uncertain about the safety of their children in these reopened schools.

So, why risk it?

With homeschooling, you can take any prescribed health precaution to protect your children instead of leaving it at the hands of the school and worrying the entire day.

Also, they're learning and keeping a social distance from the outside world. That's two birds with one stone!


Conventional schooling may not allow you to know what's being taught to your kid during those long school hours. For all you know, they probably spend it doodling on their desks.

Getting your kid home-schooled lets you know what they already know, how well they learn, and what areas need brushing up.


At home, your child is free from all the peer pressure, bullying, and competition. They're far away from all the noise, making them more focused and ready to learn. affirms that home-schooled kids are more capable of shunning the herd mentality and bad influences. They are also likely to think more independently.

With all the stress of trying to stay at the top of the class behind them, kids will focus more on gaining knowledge than just cramming information to get good grades.

school sign


Unlike the rigid school timetable, homeschooling is quite flexible.

One-on-one tutoring lets you model lesson plans and study times according to your child's learning needs and schedule. Your kid also gets all the teaching attention they may lack in a roomful of other children.

You can decide to take a longer time with your child to master a particularly difficult subject or breeze through a familiar one – your choice, and theirs too.

With all these advantages, you probably wonder why you haven't started homeschooling your kid. There's more where that came from, and it's not too late to start your home-school journey. All you have to do is to act now.

The Elite Nanny Team has the perfect full-time or part-time nanny to help advance your children's distance learning experience. There's no need to stress over the whole homeschooling bit when we can help with that.

Get you a nanny and a teacher – it's two for one!

We're only a call away.


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