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Information for Parents

Our childcare agency takes the time to get to know you, your kids, and your lifestyle. Every family endorses different lifestyles, principles, and priorities. 

Our job is to recognize where you place your priorities and find a suitable nanny to match you and your children’s needs. 

We do not simply recruit hires to fill a position. 

We go above and beyond using applications, interviews, research, and intuition to learn about you and potential candidates, and then the process begins. 

Our services cover a breadth of responsibilities, including researching, recruiting, interviewing, verifying background checks, updating certifications, checking references, and ensuring compatibility. 

We aim to pair you with educated nannies and caregivers who offer many wonderful traits, such as reliability, loyalty, friendliness, trustworthiness, and diligence. 

We favor applicants with advanced degrees, extensive pertinent experience, and consistent performance. 

Additionally, potential nanny hires will have phenomenal social and communication skills. 

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We have to start now!

Our nanny agency needs as much time to find your best match. Register Now. Either contact us and fill out the application over the phone or apply online. Answer a few questions with our online registration so the search can begin!

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Where Do We Find Our Nannies?

We broadcast a far reach to locate potential caretakers.


Exceptionalism is essential to us.


Only some young individuals are suitable for some positions. Some children require someone who has a calmer demeanor. 


Others benefit from someone with significant experience. Every child is different.


Education and experience are crucial as well. We contact local universities, trade programs, nursing students, early education graduates, preschool teachers, caregivers for special needs children, and infant specialists. 


We recruit former teachers, individuals specializing in specific languages, and dependable individuals with paid professional childcare experience.


We also have connections with other nannies in the industry. We have contacts reaching far and wide to find the best match for you. 


Our nannies are accepted for the interview process based on the abovementioned characteristics. 


We interview hundreds of nannies, and then we locate one most compatible with the skills required, the schedule requested, their activity level, the means of transportation, their compatibility with your personality, and lastly, how extensively they will fulfill every request of yours. 


To us, reliability and loyalty are far more critical than whether or not they will also walk your dog.


However, our nanny agency placement service is personalized, so if your dog absolutely has to be walked, we rearrange priorities to match yours. 

Our Motto


The root of our motto is engagement. Our nannies love to engage kids in play and learning. Play can consist of typical blocks, board games, cars, or train sets.


Our full-time nannies like to encourage imaginative entertainment in toddlers by putting on plays, acting out books, and performing in dress-up.


Our nannies will read to your child, help children experiment with STEM activities, and foster their artistic spirit.


At the TENT Group, socialization is essential. We encourage play dates with neighbors and friends. Using positive reinforcement, our nannies teach social skills like teamwork, sharing, and taking turns.


We want your kid(s) to engage with other children if possible. Field trips to the library, the fair, the local cafe, or a nearby Gymboree can be a fun treat that allows your little angel to practice socializing.


Kids’ minds are sponges, so our nannies try to teach at every opportunity. The growth of your newborn, older toddler, or preschooler is vital.


Babies can have fun under the care of their infant specialist nanny by learning ABCs, counting, nursery rhymes, or how to hold a spoon.


Reading is essential at every age, especially for youngsters developing strong language skills.


The safety of your little tyke is our number one priority. The trustworthy nanny you choose will be certified in First Aid and CPR for infants, children, and adults.


Our household managers constantly watch your youngsters and do their best to anticipate and prevent dangerous situations such as choking hazards, jungle gym mishaps, and chemical safety.

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