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Agency Fees & Nanny Pay

At The Elite Nanny Team we make the process of agency fees easy by splitting it into a minimum of parts. 

About Our Agency Fees

To begin, our agency charges a $200 consultation fee that is paid during registration and is nonrefundable. That allows your family to meet with TENT and determine if it's a good fit before you commit entirely. 

Regardless of your package, half of the fee is due when signing the Initiating Contract. The Nanny Search process does not begin until the initial payment is made. 

The final payment is made just before the nanny you've chosen signs the Nanny-Employer Agreement and consists of the remaining balance.


Any last-minute placement fees are applied to the initial search fees and must be paid in full before the search begins. 

We use PayPal for everyone's security.

Package prices vary based on the nanny service you need. 

Nanny Pay

At The Elite Nanny Team, the minimum amount the nanny agency extends to nannies on the client's behalf is $20.00 an hour (subject to change).


The nanny pay can range up to approximately $60.00 an hour depending on job requirements, the number of children, and the location of the job.


All hours should be tracked by the nanny using an app and submitted weekly.


Additionally, please know that by law, nannies must be paid based on the number of hours they've worked and not using a blanket salary. 

Our clients typically use their accountant or a direct deposit system to pay their nanny directly weekly or biweekly.


These payroll systems help families to manage household employee taxes on behalf of their nanny. 

Nanny Taxes

As the employer, you will be encouraged to submit nanny taxes.


Our clients follow accurate accounting by deducting taxes from your employee’s pay weekly or biweekly.

Most of our clients use a payroll system to manage their household-employee taxes.


We highly recommend HomePay by BreedLove.


Because your contract establishes a guaranteed number of hours, this calculation and fee rarely differ weekly unless more hours are needed.

Please provide salary and tax deduction verification to the nanny weekly and keep a copy of the nanny's taxes for your records.


Please also consider this allowance when determining the hourly rate you can offer your caregiver.

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