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Our Process

Employing a local nanny agency can reduce your workload. We perform a personalized search for the ideal nanny who fits your lifestyle and needs. 


The process is easy. The guardians will fill out the registration, like a profile. Then, a consultant meets with you for about 45 minutes to an hour to discuss details and learn more about your lifestyle and personality (The Initial Meeting). 


After our contract is signed and the first payment is made, the TENT Group starts searching for your ideal fit.


We recruit, interview, check references, and conduct introductory background checks on each qualified candidate.


From there, we investigated further by checking up to three professional references. We choose the top 3 nanny candidates who are ideal for your family.


Then, we perform a preliminary background check on your chosen nanny to ensure your family’s safety before we invite the caregiver to interview with you and your children.


Once the nanny candidate accepts your salary offering that we extend on your behalf, s/he will undergo an extensive background check.


On average, the nanny recruiting process takes six weeks from the Client Meeting stage to the day your family interviews the top candidates. 

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Our Nanny Recruitment Process

We Do It All

From recruitment to the contracts, our agency handles every aspect of the nanny placement in order to make your life easier.





We Do All The Work!

We recruit, interview, check references, and assess the nanny’s personality.


We Choose The Top 3 Nannies

best suited for your family’s needs and budget.

It is not uncommon for clients to tell us it is hard to decide between the three. 


Your Family Interviews Your Favorite Nanny!

You Choose the Nanny's Pay!

When you are ready, we extend a salary offer on your behalf. 

You Pick Your Nanny!

On average, the nanny recruiting process takes 6 weeks

from the Client Meeting to your nanny's first day. 

The first step is to fill out an online registration to learn more about how we can cater to you and your family.

We have to start now! Our nanny agency needs as much time as possible to find your best match. 


Fill out the registration online. Answer a few questions with our online registration so the search can begin. 


There is a small non-refundable registration fee of $200. 


Your forms are reviewed, and we will contact you about setting up a Zoom Meeting at a time that suits your schedule. It is helpful if your whole family is in attendance at that meeting. 


We meet over Zoom to gather significant details pertinent to your needs during the meeting. This meeting usually takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. 


Your work is done. Now, we take over. 

Nanny Recruitment Process

We make the nanny recruitment process sound easy, but it isn't. We write personalized ads for your nanny job. We also reach out to contacts of ours.

Potential nanny candidates must fill out an application.


Every single step we use is designed to learn about their personality.


We test the nannies constantly.

We ask them about their background, their experience, and their priorities. We learn about their personality, their work ethic, and their commitment (or lack of) to children.

Ultimately, we pick our top choices and perform a preliminary background check. 

If they clear their background check, we will invite them to interview with your family at a time that is convenient for your family. 


Negotiation we provide entails the hourly wage, the employment benefits extended to the nanny, and the contract details. 

We want to retain our nannies’ loyalty.


We ask that you guarantee a certain number of weekly hours to accomplish this. 


We have established a vacation package appropriate to your needs and will pre-establish it with each candidate. 


Our candidate’s income expectations are within range of your payment expectations. 


They will sign a commitment contract with you that establishes your expectations of them and suggests boundaries under which they might be released from employment. 


They sign a contract with the agency, ensuring their commitment to specific standards. And we ask you, the employer, to sign a Nanny-Employer Agreement.


Our reputation is everything to us. We will only work with respectful, conscientious nannies and parents.

When the nanny/manny accepts your job offer, TENT draws up a written agreement between your family and the nanny.

You will receive a draft of the contract to finalize it and add additional notes you thought of last minute.

Before the nanny’s first day, we review the contractual agreement item by item with your future nanny to establish expectations, boundaries, and responsibilities for him/her. 

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