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The image consists of three equal rectangles. On the far left is an image in pink hue of a white front loading washing machine on the left and a laundry shelf organizer with white towels and bathroom tissue on it. In the center photo is the text "LIVE-IN NANNIES" in bold black capitalized Helvetica. Underneath the text is the TENT logo. In the image on the right is an asian live-in nanny sitting on a playmat with a toddler seated in front of her while they both look through an electronic picture book.

Live-In Nannies

Life can be exhausting! A live-in nanny can offer a tremendous amount of flexibility. Whether you have an infant who needs constant care, a toddler who is always on the go, or a small hoard of school-age children, a live-in household manager is a constant presence you may need.

We encourage time boundaries with our nannies and offer them a private living quarter to allow them to refresh themselves. 


A live-in childcare specialist can provide structure to your busy family.


The alternative to an au-pair, a live-in nanny can help with cleaning, cooking, running errands, and transporting the children to and from school or after-school activities.


This is a long-term relationship, and finding the ideal live-in nanny for your family is crucial to ensuring a lasting relationship.


The Elite Nanny Team requests at least three months to locate the best live-in nanny for your family.

We offer a variety of nanny services in addition to live-in nannies. Parents: are you looking for full-time nannies or infant specialists?

Principles Our Agency Stands Behind when Matching Your Family with a Live-In Childcare Provider

  • We encourage parents to have a defined schedule for their nannies. Live-in sitters need the same time off that parents do. 

  • You want your caregiver to occasionally decompress so they can be their best selves for your children.

  • We encourage parents to give their live-in professional babysitter living quarters separate from the family’s. Both parties must have their own private spaces. 

  • Some live-in caregivers do not enjoy being alone, but it is always important to have that option. This also allows parents to maintain a certain level of privacy in their homes.

* Ideally, in a perfect world, the nanny has their own kitchenette in their personal living area; however, this is not always feasible.

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