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Live-In Nannies

Live-In Household Manager

In today's fast-paced world, managing a household while balancing a career and family life can be overwhelming. The demand for skilled, reliable, and professional household managers and nannies has never been higher.


Families seek dedicated individuals who can seamlessly juggle various responsibilities, from childcare to household organization, allowing them to focus on their professional and personal commitments without worry.


That's where our Live-In Household Manager Nanny Agency steps in, providing a comprehensive and personalized service to match families with the perfect household manager or nanny.

Our agency prides itself on a rigorous selection process that ensures we connect families with top-tier candidates who are experienced in childcare and an excellent fit for each household's unique needs and lifestyle.


We meticulously vet and screen candidates, conducting thorough background checks, verifying references, and evaluating skill sets and personalities. Our goal is to match families with individuals who not only meet the practical requirements but also align with the values and dynamics of the household.

Our commitment to offering a personalized and consultative approach sets our live-in household manager nanny agency apart. We understand that each family has its distinct needs and preferences.


Whether it's managing the household, organizing schedules, supervising children, handling domestic duties, or overseeing specific tasks, we ensure to find the ideal candidate with the right expertise and temperament.

Our household managers and nannies roster includes individuals with diverse qualifications, from professional child development qualifications to extensive experience managing households efficiently.


They are adept at multitasking, possess exceptional organizational talents, and are well-versed in providing top-notch childcare. Moreover, they can adapt to various household needs, ensuring a smooth and harmonious daily routine.

Trust is paramount when inviting someone into your home, especially to care for your loved ones and manage your household.


Thus, our agency prioritizes building relationships founded on trust, reliability, and transparency.


Every nanny candidate undergoes a rigorous selection process to guarantee they are highly qualified but also trustworthy and dependable.

The benefits of utilizing our agency's services are myriad.


Families can enjoy the freedom to focus on their careers and private lives, secure in the knowledge that their household is managed by a professional dedicated to ensuring a well-run, harmonious environment.


Our live-in household managers and nannies become integral parts of the family, fostering strong bonds with parents and children.

By choosing our nanny agency, high-end families can say goodbye to the stress of juggling an excessive number of responsibilities. Instead, they gain the peace of mind of having a skilled and reliable household manager or nanny.


We take pride in facilitating matches beyond fulfilling job descriptions, ensuring a genuine connection and a seamless integration into the family dynamic.

In conclusion, our Live-In Household Manager is the premier choice for families seeking dedicated and proficient household managers and nannies.


Our commitment to personalized service, rigorous candidate selection, and the fostering of solid and trustworthy relationships makes us the go-to agency for those seeking peace of mind and a harmonious household.


Entrust your household management needs to us and experience the unparalleled professionalism and support we offer.

We offer a variety of nanny services in addition to live-in childcare. Parents: are you seeking a newborn care specialist or a full-time household manager?


We also have part-time nannies, conference event nannies, and summer childcare, including loving care for special needs kids.

live-in nannies

Principles Our Agency Stands Behind when Matching Your Family with a Live-In Childcare Provider

  • We encourage parents to have a defined schedule for their nannies. Live-in sitters need the same time off that parents do. 

  • You want your caregiver to occasionally decompress so they can be their best selves for your children.

  • We encourage parents to give their live-in professional babysitter living quarters separate from the family’s. Both parties must have their own private spaces. 

  • Some live-in caregivers do not enjoy being alone, but it is always important to have that option. This also allows parents to maintain a certain level of privacy in their homes.

* Ideally, in a perfect world, the nanny has their own kitchenette in their personal living area; however, this is not always feasible.

A live-in household manager is an excellent substitute for a night nurse for infants or multiples. They also offer greater flexibility in terms of scheduling. 

Recruitment Cost for a Live-In Nanny:  $9,950.00

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