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The image consists of three equal rectangles. On the left rectangle is an image of a mixed race couple. They are standing with the man's back to the camera and the woman facing him, arms around his neck while she wears an ivory backless wedding gown and holds a white wedding bouquet. In the middle rectabgle is text in black bold capitalized Helvetica "GIG BABYSITTERS" underneath the text is the TENT Group logo. On the right is a picture of illuminated trees and a close up of two hands holding champagne glasses, clinking in celebration during the holoday events..

Conference & Event Nannies

Do you need a short-term babysitter? If you currently have an unreliable nanny, consider replacing them with a TENT Nanny.


If this isn't an option and you need backup corporate childcare, event nannies, or a date night babysitter - we have childcare near you! 


Perhaps you are getting married at the extravagant Interlachen and want to provide group childcare during the reception?


Maybe it is time for an overdue date night at Ruth's Chis' Steakhouse, and you are looking for date night babysitters.


Whether you have one child or are hosting many children - our nannies have the experience of safely caring for all children.


We need to know their ages (which you provide during the Event Registration).

We also ask about the event's location, whether driving is involved, if the kids have allergies, and how much pay you are offering per hour. 

We follow local daycare rules when providing temporary gig nannies,


We also provide childcare during corporate events, conferences, corporate retreats, church socials, and more!


  Price: $75.00 per nanny per day (additionally, you pay the nanny for his/her work directly). 


Please keep reading to learn how it works!

We offer a variety of nanny services in addition to gig nannies. Parents: are you looking for full-time nannies, infant specialists, or a live-in household manager?

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