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Gig Babysitters

Are you a corporation that hosts conferences or events?

The Elite Nanny Team has pre-screened intelligent nannies available for short-term childcare coverage.

Perhaps you are having a corporate holiday party and want childcare for your staff or clients.

Is your company hosting a New Year’s Party or international clientele?

Our nannies are clean-cut, have passed a preliminary background check, and worked with dozens of our clients.

Our Motto is to Engage. Socialize. Learn. Safely because we only recruit highly engaging nannies who interact meaningfully with the children they protect.


We offer various nanny services in addition to conference event babysitters. Parents: Are you seeking a full-time nanny, newborn care specialist, or a live-in household manager?


We also have part-time nannies and summer childcare, including loving care for special needs kids.

Conference and Event Nannies

Our nannies arrive early and stay late as needed.


Each nanny has been interviewed and passed a preliminary background check before working with any of our clients.

Our short-term nanny retention rate is very high. Most nannies have worked with dozens of our international and domestic clientele.

Hiring an elite nanny is easy! All you do is register, pay a placement fee, and pay the nanny on the event day.

It couldn’t be easier to book your wedding and reception childcare.

gig babysitter near you hugging two children

Hotel Childcare and Babysitters

Are you on holiday traveling to Downtown Minneapolis or Bloomington, Minnesota, and need a hotel nanny to provide temporary childcare coverage?

Our nannies have a minimum of 2 years of professional childcare experience. They can come to your hotel, Airbnb, or family home.

Have multiple kids? No worries! We follow Minnesota State daycare childcare coverage laws.

We request a minimum of 24 hours' notice.

Fill out a profile online, pay the placement fee, and pay your nanny at the end of the evening that s/he works.

It’s That Easy!

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