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Three equal rectangles. On the left image is a brown stone mansion with a black porsche parked in front. The middle image is black bold capitalized Helvetica "CLIENT REGISTRATION" with TENT logo below. On the the right image is an image of the top of a boy's head, his arms outreached onto the floor, on top of a red heart cut out of paper.

We test the nanny’s personality to ensure they are suitable to care for your children safely. We will analyze their ability to remain calm under pressure. We will ensure they are patient enough to manage a crying child or sick child.


Our nanny agency wants to locate educated candidates with a personality that meshes well with your family’s personality.


We assess nannies in every way feasible, including how trustworthy they are and how dedicated they are to the childcare position they have applied for. Most of this occurs during our extensive interaction with each candidate, including time spent during their interview.

Exceptionalism is essential to us. 


We broadcast a far reach to locate potential caretakers.


Not all individuals are right for every nanny position. Some children require someone who has a calmer demeanor.


Others benefit from someone with significant experience. Every child is different.


Education and experience are very important as well. 


We contact local universities, trade programs, nursing students, early education graduates, preschool teachers, caregivers for special needs children, and infant specialists.


We recruit former teachers, individuals specializing in certain languages, and dependable individuals with paid professional childcare experience. We also have connections with other nannies in the industry.


We have contacts reaching far and wide to find the best match for you. Our nannies are accepted for the interview process based on those characteristics mentioned above. 

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