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Summer Nannies

The Elite Nanny Team is a high-end agency offering college-educated nannies to care for your kids this summer!


We recruit full-time and part-time summer nannies to care for your children safely.

Education and fun go hand in hand with summer childcare. 


These are just a few of the many private schools many of our nanny kids attend. Education can be ongoing throughout the summer.

Our summer nannies will engage your children in meaningful play that will advance their education, foster their senses, and stimulate their minds.

We offer various nanny services in addition to summer babysitters. Parents: Are you seeking a full-time nanny, newborn care specialist, or a live-in household manager?


We also have part-time nannies and gig babysitters, including loving care for special needs kids.

College-Educated Nannies Near Me

TENT recruits college-educated summer caregivers for your little ones. We are the number-one agency for summer childcare. (Interested in becoming a nanny for us?)

The last thing you must worry about is whether your childcare specialist will be on time today or show.

Our full-time and part-time summer sitters understand that you depend on them to do your job and live your life.

The Elite Nanny Team is a high-end nanny agency that chooses full-time summer caregivers who are highly educated, always on time for work, and deeply care for kids.

Each professional summer babysitter provider is hand-picked based on experience, personality, and enthusiastic desire to make your life easier.

Our nanny services are focused on engaging your children in fun activities while keeping your children safe.

We prescreen nannies to ensure they understand effective and gentle ways to manage children and encourage their development.

Why Our Summer Nannies Are The Best

Every family has different preferences for how their children are raised.

We have worked with families who want their children at home most of the day. Other parents prefer the kids to exercise at any one of the fantastic attractions local to them.

Your children’s safety is paramount to us.

We take our nanny placement services very seriously, so we use 3rd party vendors to ensure unbiased results for our background check.

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