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Nanny Services

The Elite Nanny Team offers various nanny services to suit your every childcare need. Each potential nanny candidate is thoroughly vetted.


We test their knowledge of proper childcare techniques, personality, and references. Quickly learn about our Placement Process here.

We offer various permanent and temporary childcare providers such as full-time, part-time, and live-in nannies. Additionally, we have newborn care specialists, household managers, and event nannies. 

Professional Nanny Placement Services

Permanent, Long Term Child Care

Our nannies will manage behavior, create lesson plans, and actively engage with your child(ren) each waking minute of the day. Learning and education are fundamental aspects of professional nannies.

In addition, household managers and professional domestic childcare providers care for the home.


They will help with laundry, home maintenance, cooking meals, and running errands.


Our nanny agency tends to prefer highly educated, intelligent nannies.


Our childcare providers take their jobs seriously. They are consistently on time and reliable.  Career nannies prioritize safety. Their passion for childcare is infectious.

Available on a Temporary or Permanent Basis.

Defined as Over 30 Hours a Week.

Available on a Temporary or Permanent Basis.

Defined as under 25 Hours a Week.

Available Full or Part-Time

Available for a Few Hours or a Few Days!

Available Full-Time or Part-Time on a Permanent or Temporary Basis

Available Full-Time or Part-Time for fewer than 4 Months

Available Full-Time or Part-Time

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