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Nanny Services

Why Choose The Elite Nanny  Team for Your Elite Childcare Services?

The Elite Nanny Team offers a variety of nanny services to suit your every childcare need. Each potential nanny candidate is thoroughly vetted.


We test their knowledge of proper childcare techniques, their personality, and their references. Quickly learn about our Process here.

We test each nanny's personality to ensure they are suitable for safely caring for your children. We will analyze their ability to remain calm under pressure. We will ensure they are patient enough to manage a crying child or sick child.

Our nanny agency wants to locate educated candidates who have a personality that meshes well with your family's personality.

We assess nannies in every way feasible, including how trustworthy they are, and how dedicated they are to the childcare position they have applied for. Most of this occurs during our extensive interaction with each candidate, including time spent during their interview.

If the nanny passes an initial examination and might be considered for an interview with your family, we dive further.

Our placement agency checks a minimum of three (3) professional references, including any nanny families they have worked with.

If the nanny's references return with positive feedback, we begin to scour the caregiver's social media. We then run a preliminary background check if we feel the candidate would be a good match for you and your children.

Every nanny candidate must pass a preliminary background check prior to being invited to interview with your family.

After the three (3) nanny interviews we have personally organized for you, you choose your favorite nanny!


Available on a Temporary or Permanent Basis.

Defined as Over 30 Hours a Week.


Available Full-Time



Available Full-Time or Part-Time

Available for a Few Hours or a Few Days!


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