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Special Needs Nannies

The Elite Nanny Team is very excited to offer special needs nannies who are experienced working with kids who have behavioral challenges, genetic variations, or are blind or deaf.


Our special needs childcare providers are very experienced in their field.


We recruit nannies with the specific skills pertinent to your family.


We are the only placement agency that specializes in caring for unique children.


Our nanny agency defines special needs as any individual who possesses or exhibits medically, behaviorally, or genetically based characteristics.

We favor nannies who live within 15 miles of your home to ensure their reliability.


Our elite nanny agency supports positive reinforcement with any behavior modification our nannies enforce.


We want our special needs sitters to work alongside the parents to learn how they care for their kid(s) while contributing their applicable skills. 


We favor Personal Care Assistants who are medically trained. Above all else, your caregiver must have a college degree. This is non-negotiable. 


We want the best for your child and will go to extreme lengths to find your family an experienced, intelligent, and responsible childcare provider.  


If your little one has behavior challenges, we prefer professional babysitters who majored in psychology in college or university. 

We offer various nanny services in addition to our special needs childcare. Parents: Are you seeking a full-time nanny, newborn care specialist, or a live-in household manager?


We also have part-time nannies, conference event nannies, and summer childcare.

Nannies for Special Kids

In the realm of compassionate childcare, The Elite Nanny Team recognizes the unique qualities that special needs children possess and the invaluable care they require.


Our agency takes pride in promoting a specialized category of nannies who are not only highly educated and experienced but are also equipped with the empathy and skills necessary to cater to the diverse needs of special needs children.

At The Elite Nanny Team, we understand that each child is an individual with their own set of abilities and challenges. Our special needs nannies go beyond conventional expectations, offering personalized care that meets the unique requirements of children with various developmental or medical conditions.


These dedicated professionals are not just caregivers but advocates, companions, and educators, contributing to the holistic growth of the children under their care.

Our special needs nannies possess a wealth of experience in dealing with diverse conditions such as autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, and more. Many of them hold degrees in fields like Special Education, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of each child's specific needs.


We prioritize recruiting individuals with a genuine passion for working with special needs children, ensuring their commitment to this noble cause goes beyond mere duty.

What sets our special needs nannies apart is their ability to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where every child feels valued and supported.


Whether adapting activities to accommodate different learning styles or providing emotional support during challenging times, our nannies excel in tailoring their approach to the unique needs of each child.

The Elite Nanny Team acknowledges the importance of ongoing education for our special needs nannies.


This commitment to professional development ensures that our nannies stay at the forefront of providing the best possible care for special needs children.

Choosing a special needs nanny from The Elite Nanny Team means selecting a caregiver who not only meets the highest standards of education and experience but also possesses the heart and dedication required to make a meaningful impact on the lives of special needs children.


We are not just a nanny agency; we are a community of passionate professionals committed to providing exceptional care for every child, regardless of their unique abilities or challenges.

young girl in wheelchair on basketball court

We don’t typically ask for more lead time to find the right nanny for your family, but we reserve the right to request additional time to find the ideal nanny match for your special needs child. 

Special Needs Nanny Recruiting Cost for Permanent Nannies: $4,225.00

Special Needs Nanny Recruiting Cost for Temporary Nannies: $1,950.00

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