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Full-Time Nannies

Permanent or Temporary Full-Time Nannies
You Can Depend On

Full-time nannies with maturity and skill are hard to come by. TENT recruits full-time childcare providers as permanent or temporary nannies.


Life is busy, we know!

The last thing you want to worry about

is whether your nanny will be on time today or show up.


Our full-time nannies understand that you depend on them to do your job and live your life. Your family needs a trustworthy caregiver to care for your kids safely.

Our nannies are focused on engaging your children in fun activities. We want to keep them safe.


We prescreen nannies to ensure they understand effective and gentle ways to manage children and encourage their development.


The Elite Nanny Team is a high-end nanny agency that chooses full-time childcare providers who are highly educated, always on time for work, and deeply care for kids.


Our full-time sitters are hand-picked based on experience, personality, and enthusiastic desire to make your life easier.

We define full-time as a caregiver who works 30 hours a week or more. 

We offer a variety of nanny services in addition to full-time childcare. Parents: are you seeking a newborn care specialist or a live-in household manager? We also have part-time nannies, conference event nannies, and summer childcare, including loving care for special needs kids.

full-time nanny caring for two children
Full-Time Permanent Childcare

Full-Time Permanent Nannies

Parents: you have a million responsibilities. Most families (and all parents) are pulled in multiple directions simultaneously.

Work is a priority.

The children need to learn and grow.

The animals require time and attention.

The house needs cleaning.


Healthy meals are waiting to be made.  There are emails to write, appointments to make, and relatives to visit.


Your family has vacations to plan or prep for emergencies that take priority.


Frequently, ambitious parents sometimes undertake more than they can manage.

We aim to place a full-time permanent nanny with whom your children can build a long-lasting relationship for years.

The Elite Nanny Team defines Full-Time Permanent as over 30 hours a week, long term.

We define a long-term placement as at least a year. 

Any free time you have, you want to spend with your kids.


Wouldn't it be nice to return to a neat, tidy house? 

The Elite Nanny Team is here to help!


Full-Time, Long-Term Nannies: $4,225.00

Full-Time Temporary Nannies

Full-Time Temporary Nanny

Sometimes you need full-time childcare coverage temporarily due to illness, family visiting, or life transitions. This is where The Elite Nanny Team comes in!


Full-time, temporary sitters work over 30 hours a week for fewer than four months, similar to a summer nanny. 

The placement fee covers all costs for recruiting, interviewing, background checks, and motor vehicle reports.


The full-time, temporary nanny placement package offers one free nanny replacement within 30 days for any reason whatsoever.

Summer nannies are considered full-time temporary nannies and are always in big demand! 

Full-Time, Temporary Nanny Recruitment Price: $1,950.00 

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