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Our Recruitment Process

You are our greatest asset! Our job, as a local nanny agency, is to pair you with a family that pays you fairly, understands your schedule, and offers you a work/life balance.


We search for professional nannies who want to develop a lasting relationship with their nanny family. Our application process is highly individualized.


Our childcare agency personalizes the hiring process so you, the nanny, have a lasting form of employment.


But we want it to be easy for you!


We have formalized a nontraditional mobile online application process that you can complete anywhere, anytime - even on your phone!

How to Apply to Become a Nanny at TENT

Hi! Welcome to The Elite Nanny Team! We are excited that you are interested in one of our nanny jobs.


We are a different agency where you are paid directly by the parents, so we don't take any of your money!


We are constantly recruiting for full-time nanny jobs and temporary nanny jobs. We are also recruiting for very experienced live-in nannies.

Our mobile-friendly nanny application is below...Keep Reading!

Below is a short application form to get you started with our company. A few things are essential when filling out TENT's application form.


First, the more detail, the better.


We need to know the ages of the kids you worked with within your babysitting jobs. We want to learn about your depth of knowledge and skill set in being a nanny.


What do you bring to the table that is different from other candidates applying for the same nanny job? This is your time to shine! 

We have a couple of requirements for individuals applying for our nanny jobs:

  • Nannies and Mannies must be at least 18 years old to apply

  • It is very strongly encouraged that you have a great car and a valid driver's license

  • If you are a finalist, there is a possibility you will have a background check fun.

  • You must have a clean background check spanning the last seven years.


Don't rush. Be thoughtful, and remember to always stay in contact with us.


Following up with us shows you are interested in a professional nanny job. This is very important to us.

Good luck!

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