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An Elite Nanny Placement Agency

As an elite nanny recruiting agency - we take the burden and stress of locating a nanny off your shoulders.

Our agency takes into account your schedule, personal lifestyle principles, activity level, and priorities. Then our nanny agency locates quality, educated nannies and caregiving experts who best meet your family's needs.

The Elite Nanny Team understands how crucial it is for children to have consistent relationships in their lives. Our goal is to recruit a highly-educated, strongly skilled, committed nanny who will stay with your family long-term. You can learn more about our process by reading our Nanny Services page or scrolling below. 

We recruit highly intelligent, hardworking nannies for full-time, part-time, and short-term childcare positions in your private home. We also locate infant specialists, live-ins, nannies for special needs children, and summer nannies

Our nanny agency continues supporting your family, even after we place a nanny. We support the nanny-employer relationship with ongoing coaching, mediation, and communication. We have found that this is vital to maintaining your working relationship. 


The founder is a former professional nanny from Washington, DC. She knows that anything a child experiences as a youngster affects them in adulthood. 


That is why we only recruit nannies committed to your family's well-being.

How will a nanny make your life easier?

Available on a Temporary or Permanent Basis.

Defined as Over 30 Hours a Week.

Available on a Temporary or Permanent Basis.

Defined as under 25 Hours a Week.

Available Full-Time or Part-Time on a Permanent or Temporary Basis

Available Full-Time or Part-Time for Less than 4 Months

Available Full-Time or Part-Time

Available for a Few Hours or a Few Days!

Available Full-Time or Part-Time

Child in Air Yoga

Required Clearances

  • Social Security Number Trace

  • 7-Year National Criminal Database Search

  • County Courthouse Verification of Database Hits (up to 3)

  • National Sex Offender Registry Check

  • Verifiable Experience with Children

  • Motor Vehicle Record

Our Process

Our Process

The Most Trustworthy Nanny Agency 

New Clients Can Easily Register Online!

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Let's Meet!

 We personalize the process to match your needs!

 TENT Recruits the Perfect Nanny!

7-Year Background Checks

are required of eligible nannies

Only the Best Nannies Will

Interview With You!

Professional owner of Minneapolis based
About the Founder

This nanny placement agency was founded by a highly educated, former nanny who specialized in Special Needs, Infant Care, Sleep Training, and Behavior Modification.


Every family who hired her said the same thing: We need someone with your knowledge about raising and caring for different children to extend your expertise to us. 


She attended the prestigious Miss Porter's School and graduated from an elite 4-year private college in New England.


Eventually, she started assisting her nanny families in hiring an appropriate replacement when she needed to advance her experience and knowledge. It came to a point where she no longer interviewed for positions but instead provided families with a consultation. 


She is well known in the community and has a continual client base.


- Stephen J.

"Dorian obviously knows what she's doing. From the beginning to the end she stayed in contact with my wife and I. I can't thank her enough for taking the time to learn who we are and what we needed from a nanny."

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