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What Is A Doula?

Updated: Jan 14

Doulas are becoming a common sight in labor rooms everywhere. This is because so many women now employ their services in preparation for childbirth, and that trend doesn't plan on stopping.

You have probably planned out everything about your pregnancy. But have you thought about whether you want a doula or not? If you haven't, you should probably start now.

Doulas are trained professionals who provide help and support to the expecting parents. These people give emotional and physical support while having a treasure trove of knowledge about childbirth that they share with you.

Doulas usually help out from the months before the delivery to the labor room. Some of them extend their services to include the post-partum period, too. These professionals aim to make childbirth healthy and safe for all parties involved.

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Types Of Doulas

Using the period they provide their services, doulas are classified into three categories:

  • Antepartum Doulas: These professionals help women who may have risky pregnancies during the months leading to their delivery. These include women who are on bed rest to prevent premature births.

These doulas assist the mother and prevent her from exerting herself. Their knowledge also comes in handy.

  • Birth Doulas: These people are hired to assist the mother before and during labor. They share their knowledge and provide emotional support to the woman during the rigors of childbirth.

  • Post-partum Doulas: These doulas help during the first few weeks after birth. They are usually lactation experts who make sure the baby is latching correctly.

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Aren't Doulas Just Midwives?

That is a common mistake, but midwives and doulas are different.

Doulas are not medical personnel. However, they undergo training and are certified to perform their activities. They are there to help soothe the mother, provide breathing exercises, and help with all non-medical aspects of labor.

On the other hand, midwives are medical professionals trained to handle low-risk deliveries independently. They can prescribe drugs and order tests.

Since their jobs differ, having a midwife doesn't prevent you from hiring a doula. Their jobs are spelled out in the labor room, so there is no need to worry.

However, you should check with your doctor if they allow doulas before hiring one. If they don't, you can enquire about their reasons. It will help you decide if you need one or not.

Benefits of Having A Doula

Your doctors and midwives may change shifts, but the Doula will remain by your side to guide you through the process. In addition, they serve as a rock of support, which is nice if your partner isn't present.

Doulas also cut the time spent in labor through their actions. As a result, they increase the chances of having a successful and healthy delivery. The risk of needing C-sections and other medical interventions is reduced with a doula present.

Even after birth, doulas are still relevant. They increase the odds of successful breastfeeding and improve mother-baby bonding.

Do I Need A Doula?

If you need extra support during childbirth, you could hire a doula. They offer coaching and helpful advice that help the process move along smoothly.

If you have a specific birth plan, a doula might help you get it done. These women are trained to support any birth, and their expertise might help things go according to plan.

If none of these things interest you, a doula might not be for you. There's no problem with that. A majority of women give birth successfully without employing their services.

How Much Do Doulas Charge?

The cost of a doula varies based on a lot of things. These include the city you live in, the number of services you need, and the number of visits you want. However, most Doulas cover prenatal visits, labor, birth, and post-birth follow-up.

A doula can cost anywhere from $800 to $2500 for their services. You can find one at a price that suits you.


Many women profess the wonders their doulas accomplished for them. But unfortunately, some others went through their delivery without one of these professionals' insight. Hopefully, this article will help you know where you stand.

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