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Should I Get My Nanny a Christmas Present?

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

It’s the festive time, and Christmas is just around the corner. So many of us already have our wish lists, and Christmas shopping has already started for some of us. It is usual to go about gift hunting for our friends and families. For some, it is a huge deal figuring out what to buy for our spouses, parents, kids, bestie, bosses, colleagues, friends, siblings, and many other important people.

But what about the nannies and caregivers?

Should you get your nanny a Christmas present as well?

The answer is an absolute yes!

It is important you tip your domestic workers, like your nannies, giving them bonuses and going the extra mile to include them in your Christmas gift shopping list. According to a survey by Market Watch, high-end families suggest giving their nannies bonuses equal to the sum of one to two weeks' pay plus a personal gift for holidays such as Hannukah or Christmas.

Also, it goes beyond giving bonuses to how soon you do so. Late bonuses will only defeat the purpose of the gesture, especially if your nanny plans to use the bonus for Christmas shopping and all sorts. Also, paid time off during the holidays is another way to appreciate your domestic workers in the sharing spirit of Christmas. However, this should not be given in place of holiday bonuses as they are two different tipping modes.

So now you get the gist? You tip your nannies by giving them bonuses, say a paid week off (if it is in your contract or has been discussed before Christmas), and, most importantly, a Christmas gift to show how much you appreciate them and love having them work for you.

Still in doubt? No worries, keep reading to know the great benefits of getting your nanny a Christmas gift, especially if they spend the holidays with you.

Boss handing nanny present at Christmas

Why You Should Get Your Nanny a Christmas Gift

1. It’s a key motivation

Now, nannies are to dedicate their time and energy to accomplishing their jobs and doing so perfectly well. However, gifting them items they love motivates them to be more effective and give their 100%.

2. It shows they are effective and appreciated

Workers who are effective at their jobs receive awards, impromptu bonuses, accolades, and public admiration. Getting your nanny a Christmas gift might be all the validation they need to ensure that you are happy with their services and to feel appreciated.

3. It creates a stronger bond

Knowing that people often give Christmas gifts to their loved ones, your nanny is bound to feel loved and feel like family when you get them a Christmas gift. It strengthens the bond between them and your family, which defines every ideal nanny-employer relationship.

red and white wrapped xmas gifts

Holiday Bonuses for Your Nanny

While all these are important, you should also give according to your means. The idea is to show your nanny that they are valued, appreciated, and loved, which can be done in many ways and at any time, irrespective of festivities or the holiday involved.

And if you do not have a nanny but are looking forward to finding that one nanny that will automatically become family, The Elite Nanny Team makes that happen easily and smoothly. Committed to matching nannies with their ideal families and vice versa, The Elite Nanny Team (TENT Group) is your highly personalized, high-end nanny agency for caregivers and nannies qualified in all respects.

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