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I Caught My Nanny in the Act!

Updated: Jan 14

Ever wondered if a nanny can be racist? The answer is an all-caps YES!

What would you do if your nanny is racist or has been racist to your kids?

What would you do if you caught your nanny in the act?

Hold your horses as you are about to find out how to recognize if your nanny is racist and what to do about it.


One thing to know is that just as a nanny can be someone of any race, in the same vein, anyone from any race (people of color most especially) can be a victim of racism. A racist is simply one who discriminates against others based on their race and skin color. Such a person feels superior to others and sees their race as superior to other races.

To make a point of their superiority, they may verbally, physically, or with their actions, attack people of other races. The resulting consequence is a victim suffering emotional, psychological, and sometimes physical abuse and traumas.

This energy is not something you want around your kids and family. You want your children to understand that all races are equal and everyone deserves equal treatment and opportunities irrespective of their locality or the color of their skin.

This understanding will groom your kids into adults who do not see a race as superior to others and who will always speak up wherever racism occurs.

So, what could help you recognize a racist nanny?

multicultural family with pregnant mom


Your kids deserve to be safe around their caregivers and nannies, and one who is racist will only defeat the purpose. Here, we list out common signs that are indicators of a racist nanny.

  1. Projecting microaggression on the kids

Microaggression is a casual and subtle way of being racist. Your nanny may not outrightly engage in racist acts, but they may do so casually and subtly. An example is a nanny who always hides her purse or bag in a house with older children because she believes kids from such races are natural thieves.

  1. Making stereotypical jokes about other races

Take note if your nanny tells stereotypical racial jokes even if it may seem "harmless." Not all jokes are just for laughs; some are harmful. If your nanny tells jokes that propagate racist agendas and dehumanize other races, then they might be racist at heart.

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  1. Being generally hostile

Sometimes, an employee may take up a job because it is what they must do. They might be racist to their coworkers and whatnot by being hostile to those who feel they are of an inferior race.

In the same light, if your nanny shows hostility towards your kids (and your family in general) or makes cruel remarks based on your skin color, hair color, or facial features, then the chances of them being racist are high.


If you got your nanny through an agency, the first thing to do is relay your findings to them with proof that you are not making up allegations. This will enable them to conduct due diligence on their employees and take stricter measures to ensure that their nannies provide a safe space for the kids they care for.

  • Ask for a replacement

It is unhealthy to continue contracting with such a nanny, knowing about their stance on race. Hence, the best thing to do against racism is a good cause to fire the nanny and ask the agency for another nanny. If you nanny-haunt yourself, ensure you conduct a thorough interview on your replacement options before settling for a new nanny.

  • Have a talk with your kids

This is easily the most challenging part, especially if your children cannot understand the impact of racism. But you could calmly and patiently explain to them that Shirley had to leave because she had unhealthy ideologies about race and life, which could be harmful to them.

mother raising toddler to sky

Suppose they had witnessed your nanny being racist or experienced it. In that case, you could either take it upon yourself to ensure they understand that such actions are wrong or get help from a child therapist.


While you go about nanny-searching, you should know that TENT Group is one nanny agency that decries racism and will never suggest racist nannies or work with racist clients.

We make things easy for you and your families by ensuring our nannies are everything you want in a nanny, including being an antiracist.

Save yourself the stress of pondering what you'd do if you caught your nanny in the act because we ensure that such scenarios never happen.

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