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Halloween Post COVID: The New Rules

Updated: Mar 9

COVID took the world by storm, halting life as we knew it, and introducing us to possibilities we probably never envisioned for ourselves in this lifetime. Wearing masks, socially distancing in public, and shutting down in-person activities totally for virtual and internet-led interactions instead.

It has been some time since COVID struck, and the world is trying to adjust to the new normal. Social activities as we know it has resumed, although with slight adjustments to accommodate the change.

One such is the Halloween celebration. While the holiday was not celebrated last year, being an avenue for a large gathering of people, which is only a catalyst for the virus, many people are looking forward to going back on the streets trick-or-treating. Statistics show that about 66% of the population is planning to hand out candies. At the same time, a total of one-third of Americans voted that the virus would not in any way affect their Halloween celebration plans.

According to Anthony Fauci, the White House chief medical adviser and director for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Halloween can be fun again. Even kids can go out to enjoy the scares and treats that come with the season.

According to him, vaccination for kids is currently being pushed for. An approval, coupled with the current COVID immunization already approved for kids aged 12-15, is guaranteed to equal more excellent protection for all groups, not just kids. Researchers have also adduced that the transmission of the virus via surfaces like candies wrappers is low, making it a safer possibility for trick-or-treating.

I’m sure your kids will be spooked to know they can go out this Halloween and hang out with friends. While this might be a little scary for parents, following that the virus is still potent in some locations, these are the new rules to adhere which can reduce the chances o transmission to the barest minimum, especially if you’re vaccinated

Rules to abide by for a safe Halloween celebration post-COVID

Ensure a safe and healthy Halloween for you and your kids by following these tips:

Maintain social distance When trick-or-treating outside, maintain adequate social distance by stepping back 6 feet after knocking or ringing a doorbell. It is also better to trick o treat outdoors instead of in an enclosed space which will only promote a quick spread.

And when outside, avoid crowds and large gatherings and go in groups of twos or threes only.

Go with safety props Sanitizers, proper facemasks (not costume masks), and regular washing of hands must keep safe while enjoying the festivities. Sanitize after touching any doorknob or ringing any bell, and avoid hand dips into varying bowls of candies.

Have a trusted adult around Suppose your kids are at toddler age or still need supervision. In that case, it is wise they are accompanied by a trusted adult who will ensure they keep to all safety protocols.

Looking for the right option for an alternative guardian for Halloween night if you or your partner will not be disposed to watch the kids?

Not to worry. Elite Nanny Agency is your one-stop-shop for qualified nannies and caregivers skilled in helping families maintain safety and control the spread of the virus this Halloween. Undoubtedly, Halloween is no fun without various outdoor activities. However, suppose you would rather just stay home, carving pumpkins and the like as a family. In that case, Elite Nanny Agency is also ever-ready to help you with lovely nannies prepared to complete the Halloween feeling like a family.

Make this season memorable for your kids and your family, with your health and safety guaranteed.

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