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What Is A Newborn Infant Specialist?

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

A newborn/infant care specialist is an individual with expertise in infant care, parental support, and education. They guide you as a parent in taking care of your baby while doing some of the caring themselves. The role they play begins once you and your baby return from the hospital.

These specialists allow you to rest after a long hospital experience. They change the baby's diapers, feed them, bring them to you for nursing, soothe them, and put the baby to bed. Therefore, it isn't surprising that people often confuse a newborn care specialist with a night nanny.

A night nanny provides nursing mothers with an extra hand during the night as they work directly under your guidance. However, they may not have any formal education or certification in infant care. On the other hand, your newborn specialist is a certified care provider who operates both day and night.

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Qualifications To Look Out For When Hiring A Newborn Specialist

One major thing to check for when hiring a newborn specialist is whether they are certified by the Newborn Care Specialist Association (NCSA). This body has been providing certification to infant specialists in the US since 2006.

The NCSA certification confirms that your infant specialist has been trained, is CPR certified, and has hours of experience. In addition, it assures you that your specialist has a good background and knowledge, so you can rely on them to serve you properly.

In addition to the NCSA certification, we recommend you check your specialist's references. Ensure you know how their previous clients feel about them and their services.

Services That A Newborn Infant Specialist Offers

An infant specialist's primary role is to provide guidance and assistance when bringing your newborn home from the hospital. This assistance includes feeding, sleep training, scheduling, and more.

They don't take tasks unrelated to you and your infant's care. For example, the following are duties that an infant specialist should be able to perform:

  • They provide a suitable and professional solution for issues common to infants.

  • These specialists keep records of your child's sleep and feeding patterns.

  • They monitor the growth and development of your newborn.

  • They assist you with any breastfeeding issues that you may have.

  • They soothe your infant using their higher expertise.

  • They provide maximum care for your infant by carrying out the following tasks: diapering, bathing, bottle preparation and cleaning, and finally, taking care of your infant at night.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Newborn Specialist

  1. Enough time to sleep: Hiring an infant specialist gives you peace of mind and plenty of time to rest as they handle the overnight hours and take over most of the stress of taking care of a newborn.

  2. More time to focus on your baby: You get more time on your hands to focus on your baby as these specialists handle most of the work associated with the baby.

  3. Postpartum support: These specialists provide quality postpartum support. This speeds up your healing process after birth and reduces your likelihood of postnatal mood disorders.

Options When Booking A Newborn Specialist

You can book infant care specialists full-time or part-time. A full-time specialist can work for 8–12 hours per day for a week, or you could request 24-hour shifts for 5-7 days a week.

Part-time specialists can work five days a week for four or more hours a day, or you could do the full-time 8-12 hours, but for 2- 4 days a week instead.

Frankly, it's all very fluid, so you'll have to make a tailored arrangement for yourself with your specialist. Of course, the full-time position is the better option, but it would cost more.


One major issue you could have when choosing a specialist in selecting the wrong one. That wouldn't be ideal because your postpartum is a very stressful time. Having a newborn infant specialist who isn't the right fit for you will only increase your stress.

You can prevent that through a rigorous hiring process. First, question your candidates thoroughly and ask all the questions you need.

If you live in or around Minnesota and need help making the right choice, you can call on us.

At The Elite Nanny Team, we have a team of specialists who will be happy to support you and your baby during this period. Our specialists are well-trained and fit for the task.

Give us a call today, and let us groom and nurture your baby together as a team. You can count on us.


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