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How To Teach Your Child Social Skills

Updated: Jan 14

Social skills are vital skills everyone needs for easy interaction with other people. But these skills are essential for kids because they help them communicate effectively, make and keep friends, be polite, and cooperate.

These social skills influence your child’s reactions and views on life’s experiences, so you must know how to inculcate them. Before we move into that, we will give you an overview of some social skills you can teach your child.

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Suggested Social Skills For Your Child

Generally, social skills for kids are placed into five categories; they are physical, cognitive, behavioral, socially related, and adaptive social skills. But we’ll brief you on three critical social skills you should teach your kid.

  • Listening skill: This skill is vital as many people, including adults, struggle with it. Developing it will require them to focus attentively on the speaker.

Listening closely helps your child understand scenarios, stories, and gestures, handle interactions, and improve their speaking skills.

  • Following directions: Teaching your child to adhere to order is very important, especially when they are about to start school. The very first step in this skill involves your kid listening to you.

Once they have developed this part, listening to other adults they may not know well becomes easier.

  • Sharing skills: This behavioral skill helps to build your child’s character. Children find it hard to get around giving out what belongs to them to someone else. But ensure that they develop a sharing mindset. It helps them keep and make friends, and it is an excellent way for them to show appreciation.

How To Teach Your Child These Soft Skills

  1. Check their listening.

You should pay close attention to your ward's interaction with other people when you are around them. Check if they are attentive and engaged. Also, take note if they are asking questions. Listening to your child builds up their confidence to talk to you. They tend to follow your listening habits as they grow.

Observe how they handle dialogues. Engage them in conversations that would require them to listen before responding. For instance, you could ask your child to fetch a list of things for you and see how good they are at delivering.

  1. Show emotions and empathy.

Make sure your child sees that you care about other people’s emotions. This is more of empathizing than teaching; ensure that you show empathy towards others when you are around your kid. Also, let them see that you are interested in their emotions.

If you notice positive emotions from them, talk about it and let them see that you and others appreciate it. Don’t leave the negative ones untouched. Let them know that they don’t have to be angry. Consider lightening up their moods when necessary.

  1. Make some of their playtimes a learning avenue.

Studies have shown that children learn a lot of morals, values, and skills while they play. It includes social skills, too. Make them engage in plays that involve them being in a team. See that they communicate well with their peers and understand the importance of teamwork.

Be sure you watch their attitude towards winning and losing. Make your child understand that people might not win all the time.

  1. Encourage them when mistakes are made.

Your kid should be aware that you don’t always expect perfection. Let them know that mistakes are expected. Once they know that everyone could make a mistake helps them push through in life's activities, even if they make one.


When your child develops these skills, they certainly reap their benefits. It becomes easy for them to cope with life experiences, and their interaction with people becomes more straightforward and much more positive.

If you need someone to help you instill these soft skills in your child as they grow, let’s help you.

At The Elite Nanny Team, we have the best nannies with the right experiences and values to input the right skills into your ward. Check us out, and let's get started.


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