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Organic, Organized Household Manager for North Minneapolis

Updated: Jan 14

Nanny for Four Days a Week

As a full-time nanny and household manager for two preschoolers near Arden Hills, Minnesota, the fun has no bounds! While safeness is paramount, discovery and knowledge brighten the day, whether you are gathering organic eggs from the family's personal garden, exploring rain science, or reinforcing boundaries. Love is essential, as hate has no place here. Diversity of cultures, ethnicities, and ideas is vital. Your ability to balance multiple children while taking the initiative, developing elementary crafts for toddlers, and responsibly performing as a teammate will create a long-lasting relationship.

The full-time domestic provider will care for the two neurotypical toddlers even though the parents work from home. The other two kids are in elementary school full-time (one has autism/ASD). Once the school year ends, an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapist may provide additional support if the kids are outside camp.

Household Manager for Four Days a Week

Swimming skills are essential because the family has an open pond in the backyard. Nanny prospects must have an attentive eye for managing multiple youngsters at once. We seek a childcare professional who works with preschoolers patiently, with kindness, and with warmth. But one who also can set firm behavioral limitations when needed. We adore college-educated sitters who are excited about immersing kids in learning activities.

Being a nanny is more than just being a babysitter. Your job is to be engaging, educational, and highly trustworthy. Nannies are adoring and caring go-getters with substantial professional childcare experience. You are responsible for the safety of infants and toddlers. You will safely arrange elementary school educational games and crafts to stimulate their minds. In addition, we ask that you are highly autonomous and can make decisions unaided. Your childcare experience will direct you to respond to emergencies, encourage positive manners, and take the initiative.

Year-Round Nanny Requirements:

  • You are legally authorized to work in the United States or have equivalent U.S. work authorization.

  • You have at least a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent and may have a college degree in early childhood education.

  • You have a reliable car and minimal speeding tickets/accidents for this household management job.

  • You may have performed in a daycare as a teacher's assistant, childcare teacher, or another early childhood educator.

  • You are willing to keep your vaccination history up to date, including COVID.

  • You are proficient at simultaneously managing several children of different ages calmly and collectedly.

  • You are a former lifeguard or certified in water safety.

  • You are not allergic to dogs, cats, or birds.

  • You are willing to work with two parents who work remotely.

Household Management Skill Preferences:
  • You may have majored in early childhood education (K-12) at an accredited college or university (2 or 4 years) or technical/ community college.

  • You may have two years of coursework from an accredited college or university majoring in child/youth development, education, recreation, special needs, ABA, or a closely related field.

  • You might be First Aid/CPR/SIDS Certified for infants and newborns.

  • You excel with critical thinking, decisive judgment, organization, and working with minimal oversight.

  • You relish organic eating, Montessori-type methods of instruction, and playing outdoors, even when it rains.

Location: Arden Hills Minneapolis, MN 55112

Nanny Pay: $20.00 to $27.00 an hour ($41,600 to $56,400 yearly)

Special Needs: Can manage two toddlers at once, possible autism experience for a child in school full-time. Candidates need to be able to take the initiative, communicate thoroughly, and think for themselves.

# of Kids: Two preschoolers during the school year

Career Nanny Schedule - Four Days a Week

Monday: 8 am - 4 pm

Tuesday: 8 am - 4 pm

Wednesday: 8 am - 4 pm

Thursday: 8 am - 4 pm

Friday: None

Saturday: None

Sunday: None

Full-Time Nanny Job Benefits

  • Two Weeks of Paid Time Off

  • Mileage Reimbursement

  • Paid Federal Holidays Off

  • Possible Paid Travel

TENT Group supports EEO nationally and locally.

We also seek live-in nannies and full-time, so please tell your nanny friends about The Elite Nanny Team!

Census Codes: 39-9011, 25-2010, 4600, 25-2021, 39-9090

Country: United States of America

Schedule Type: Full-Time, Long Term, year-round, permanent

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