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What Your Nanny Needs to Learn about SIDS

Updated: Jan 13

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is an unexplained and unexpected phenomenon feared by parents and nannies all over the world. The CDC describes it as “the sudden and unexpected death of a baby less than 1 year old in which the cause was not obvious before investigation.” Most of these deaths occur during a baby’s sleep time or around their sleeping area.

Asian baby laying on its back

In the past, all unexplained baby deaths were lumped into SIDS. But, sudden infant mortality numbers have reduced since the Back To Sleep Campaign — now Safe To Sleep — by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

This shows that a number of SIDS cases may be a result of accidental suffocation during a child's sleep. In 2019 alone, there were 960 deaths caused by accidental strangulation and suffocation alone.

So, to keep your baby safe, your nanny and you must practice safe sleep methods around your baby.

In this blog post, we'll go through some of these preventive measures amidst other ways to prevent the occurrence of SIDS. How to Prevent SIDS

Place your baby on their back: Always keep your baby on their back when they sleep. You can do this till they're at least 4-5 months or whenever they start rolling around. There's also no need to swaddle your baby once they know how to roll. Restraining their limbs may prevent your child from being able to easily turn when turned on their bellies and lifting their heads

. Declutter: Keep your baby's room and cot free of toys, stuffed animals, blankets, and anything that may become a choking hazard. Have shared rooms: It's advisable to sleep in the same room as your baby for the first 6 months at least. That way, you can properly monitor your child's sleep and respond when you notice a crisis. Remember, it's shared rooms and not shared beds.

Don't overclothe: Babies can be overdressed, too.

Too many layers of clothing can cause heat-related accidents. Instead of heavy wool or multiple layers, use light but warm clothes. Do not cover them with a blanket while they sleep Keep the baby away from smoke: This seems like a no-brainer, but it's important you keep the baby — and yourselves — from smoke. Their room should be well-ventilated and airy. It should also be far from the kitchen. Only use designated sleep devices: Always put your sleepy baby to bed in a crib. Don't let them fall asleep in devices not meant for sleeping, like bouncy chairs or high chairs. SIDS is unexpected, but it doesn't mean it cannot be guarded against. Practicing safe sleep measures is a great way to prevent its occurrence and keep your baby safe. Your baby's nanny should be familiar with these approved guidelines as well. And if they aren't, it might be the right time to switch to nannies who do. The Elite Nanny Team provides professional and highly qualified nannies to cater to your child's every need. All of our nannies undergo a rigorous selection process and are trained to help you keep your baby safe...always.

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