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New Year, New Nanny: How to Recognize the Signs of a Bad Nanny

Updated: Jan 14

Choosing the right nanny for your kids is important. You can never be too careful. A nanny will take care of your children on your behalf, your representative. So, your chosen nanny should be honest, responsible, and caring. You definitely do not want a bad nanny. However, sometimes, you get one. And it is not your fault.

In such instances, you should change them as quickly as possible. But how do you know when your nanny is bad? What are the signs of a bad nanny? In this blog post, we’ll look at some signs that show your nanny is not good at their job, and you should change them, especially as we enter a new year.

Is it time to replace your nanny?

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7 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Nanny:

There are many reasons to change your nanny. Sometimes, it can be as simple as your kids outgrowing the services of that nanny, or it could be something much more serious. We will look at definite signs that show your nanny is less than ideal and how to change them. Some of these signs include:

1. The Nanny Doesn’t Provide End of Day Feedback

Your nanny should be communicative. Ordinarily, people can be quiet and reserved, but a nanny should be willing to share details of the day’s activities when you return home. An uncommunicative or secretive nanny may mean they don’t interact with your kids when you leave or they’re hiding something. It can also cause tension between you two.

2. Your Kids Seem Fearful Around the Sitter

If your kids freak out when you say the nanny’s coming over or become overly quiet when your nanny arrives (even with sufficient time spent), you should look into the cause.

Some kids might just be shy. But, if adequate time has passed and they’re still uncomfortable with their nanny, review the situation. This also includes behavioral changes after the nanny’s gone.

3. They are Unreliable

Your life is already packed with responsibilities. That’s why you hired a nanny to help you care for your child.

If their personal life continually and unnecessarily interferes with this help, then they are unreliable and are giving you a lot of stress. At the very least, your nanny should inform you in advance if there’ll be a change in their schedule — unless it’s an emergency. But if this becomes a regular occurrence, then it might be time to let go.

4. Your Household Employee Crosses Too Many Boundaries

Your nanny should be comfortable around you and your kids, but they should also be professional. A nanny shouldn’t become too comfortable to the point of saying improper things to you or disobeying/ignoring your instructions. Another example is when they become overly chummy with you or the kids.

If this occurs the first few times, a warning may be adequate. However, a continuation may mean they don’t respect you or are “grooming” your kids so they can exploit them.

5. The Nanny is Distracted by Electronics

This includes inviting too many friends or staying on their electronic devices all day. Such a nanny won’t have much time for your kids, and your children may harm themselves when the nanny isn’t looking.

6. You Notice Physical Injuries on Your Child

Children can be quite rough. Because of their energy-filled nature, it’s normal to expect scrapes and wounds when they play. However, when these injuries are too severe or too frequent, it may mean that the nanny isn’t looking after them or your kids are being physically abused.

Even if they were injured during play, your nanny should be able to give a believable reason for the injury without being questioned about it first.

7. Friends/Neighbors Give Critical Reviews of the Nanny

Sometimes, people see what we cannot see, even if it’s right in our faces. Your friends. Colleagues and neighbors may notice your nanny’s bad attitude before you do. There’s no smoke without a fire. If people around you continually tell you about your nanny’s unacceptable behavior, then you should look into it. They may be right.

In the end, though, trust your guts. Even if the signs do not occur, you might feel weird about a particular nanny in your employ. Don’t dismiss your feelings. However, you have to be careful when investigating these signs.

Remember, you don’t really need to tell your kids that their nanny is leaving, especially if your children are too little to be distraught about it. This is an adult decision. You and your partner. Be sure to make the break clean and uncomplicated.

However, you do not have to struggle with the fear of hiring a bad childcare provider or go through the awkwardness and inconvenience of changing one. As we move on to a new year, you can make the resolution to always choose the best and most professional nannies for your little ones. The Elite Nanny Team can help you replace your old nanny with a fresh start!

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