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Kids And Cooking: Safety Lessons

Updated: Jan 14

For many kids, cooking is fun. They love the taste of foods and are usually curious about how they are made. Most times, they don’t know what you’re doing. But they’ll come into the kitchen to help you and maybe score some treats.

However, many things in the kitchen could endanger your child. But before you chase the children out of the kitchen, you should know that cooking helps your kids in many ways. Getting your kids to help in the kitchen builds certain aspects of their personality. Some of them include:

  • Math Skills: Most recipes require some measuring. If you have your kids take some of those, you help build their math skills. They could learn simple arithmetic, like addition, subtraction, and fractions.

  • Comprehension and Reading: Each recipe your child reads or instruction they understand builds their comprehension skills. You can go from easy recipes to trickier ones to facilitate their growth.

  • Confidence: If you let your child know that you appreciate their help and make them feel like they were essential to the process, they'll feel like they achieved something. These achievements help them build their confidence for adulthood.

  • Pickiness: Children in the kitchen are likelier to eat their meals. So, if your child seems to spurn certain foods, you can get them to help you make them.

  • Interest In Cooking: Cooking is an important life skill that your children should learn. Bringing them into the kitchen from a young age builds their interest in perfecting this skill.

While bringing your kids to help cook has all these benefits, the dangers of the kitchen remain. However, you can ensure your kids gain the necessary skills without getting hurt. That is where kitchen safety comes in.

sitter with girl cooking in kitchen

What Is Kitchen Safety?

Kitchen safety aims to ensure the kitchen is free of hazards that could cause injury. That is even more important when your kids are in the kitchen. If these tips are followed, you can go through the cooking process without your kids incurring any injuries.

Safety Cooking Lessons For Kids

  1. Take It Slowly: Start with easy tasks. Smaller kids could help around in the kitchen by wiping tabletops. Older kids could get around detailed tasks like loading the dishwasher and snapping green beans.

  2. Wash Hands: The first rule of cooking is to wash your hands in soapy water before touching any ingredient. Ensure your hands wash their hands to avoid spreading bacteria into your food.

  3. Keep Hair Tied: Make sure to tie your hair and those of your kids back into a knot. Preferably, you should cover their hair. The rationale is to prevent loose hair from falling into the food. No one likes that.

  4. Be Careful With Knives: Smaller kids should not be allowed to hold knives. As they grow, you could let them cut under close supervision, as a lot can go wrong with knives.

  5. Avoid Cross-Contamination: Teach your kids to separate uncooked food from cooked food. Make them wash cooking utensils after use, and avoid using dirty plates to hold clean cooking ingredients.

  6. Make Use Of Hot Pads: Hot pots and pans can burn your kids easily. Have them use hot pads when removing food from the cooker, microwave, or oven. A first aid kit is also necessary for the kitchen to treat a burnt child.

  7. Don’t Let Pan Handles Poke Out: Pans usually have long handles that protrude from the cooker. These handles are hazardous, as they can be nudged mistakenly, upending the hot contents. These handles should always be arranged in ways that prevent bumping.

  8. Supervise Your Kids: Only leave your kids alone in the kitchen when you're sure they can handle food safely without any accidents. Work with them long enough till they’ve figured out their way safely around the kitchen.

knife on cutting board


Cooking is a very beneficial activity, both for the kids and you. And let's face it: kids chopping veggies in tiny aprons are cute. But we shouldn’t let the fun distract our focus on safety. And even after these tips, supervision is paramount for your little one’s safety.

Our nanny agency provides highly qualified nannies who can ensure your kids develop these skills in a safe environment.

You can trust our nannies to build your child's aptitude in cooking skills and all the necessary skills for optimal development.


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