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Highly Engaging Nanny for Professional Family

Monday through Friday | 8:15 am - 5:30 pm | 3 Kids | $19 - $25 an hour | Holiday and Vacation Benefits

A private family is looking for a full-time professional nanny for their 3 children. The first child is a one-year-old girl who loves building blocks, playing with her stuffed animals, and mashing her food. She is all smiles and giggles and would adore playing hide and go seek all day long.

She has a two-year-old brother who has mastered the art of running. He loves trucks, building with his legos, and climbing. The eldest is a very intelligent seven-year-old boy who adores his brother and sister. In the summer he loves running thru sprinklers. In the winter he was a master builder of snowmen.

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Childcare Duties

All three children will be at home and need help getting ready in the morning. The parents would love help making a light breakfast of yogurt and fruits. Throughout the day they prefer the nanny engages in meaningful activities which advance the children’s education. The kids have recently started finger painting, which has been messy but so much fun. In the middle of the day, the kids will go down for naps. This is the ideal time to clean up, help with laundry and straighten the kitchen. The children have some activities they would need transportation to.

Former Nanny Experience

Strong experience with children is important. A minimum of two paid years of skill is required. We prefer an Early Childhood Education major, someone familiar with First Aid and CPR, and someone who loves to swim.

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