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FT Nanny for Great Kids!

You couldn't ask for a better nanny job! The Elite Nanny Team is hiring a full-time nanny for a high-end family. The pay is between $19 and $24. The family needs support 3 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 am - 5:30 pm approximately year-round. They may also need assistance on an occasional Friday. We require a minimum of 2 years of professional childcare and a college degree for this position. In addition, we require you have a vehicle that has AWD or 4WD to ensure your reliability. This wonderful family is offering a generous benefits package. If you are tired of answering to your boss, this is the job for you! We are recruiting a very smart, college-educated nanny to care for the whole house! We will favor Household Manager candidates who possess the habit of taking initiative. Reliability is essential.

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About the Kids:

The family has two kids, a boy, and a girl who attend school. They love playing outside, engaging in sports, and creating crafts. The family does NOT use electronics. There is some mild sibling rivalry. Having a sound understanding of behavior management techniques will benefit you. This is only an intermittent behavior but one the parents want to Nanny to teach the kids to minimize. The parents have very important jobs. It is necessary you are on time every single day. Please have an AWD vehicle.


Your personality:

You will be running the house. So we need a nanny who loves being organized, making lists, running errands when needed, grocery shopping, transporting the kids, and who is a great chef! Honestly, we would prefer someone who takes initiative over a candidate who attended a culinary school. The children need minimal supervision, so cleaning will be involved. Flexible, type-A personalities who are quite social would be the ideal fit.

best nanny agencies in Minnesota


- Transporting the kids

- Managing behavior

- Use of positive reinforcement techniques

- Engaging the kids in crafts, games, and learning activities.

- mild cleaning/neatening

- organization and household projects

- preparing a few meals a week

- running errands

- managing lists


- Minimum of 20-years-old

- A minimum of 2 years of professional childcare experience

- A fantastic vehicle that MUST be AWD or 4WD

- Reliability is Essential

- Long Term Availability

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