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Back To School: Why Goal-Setting Is Important For Children

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Being responsible for the upbringing of a child is a tasking endeavor. Aside from providing their basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, and the duty of grooming them physically and mentally.

Every parent's dream is to bring out the best version of their child. You are concerned about your child's growth, and you start sourcing new and different ideas to help them achieve that.

However, it is one thing to have plans for your children and another for them to have plans for themselves. If your child isn't motivated to achieve a specific goal, it would be futile to push them to do that. That is where goal-setting comes in.

What Is Goal-Setting?

Goal-setting is the formation and growth monitoring of an action plan. Goal-setting in children aims to make them set goals for themselves and motivates them to achieve those goals. It keeps them focused and teaches them to remain committed to their dreams.

How Early Should I Start Goal-Setting For My Children?

Teaching goal-setting is similar to learning a skill; the earlier you start, the better. It's never too early to start setting goals for your child. As early as preschool (ages 3-5), teachers should have a goal-setting lesson plan in their child's school.

You need to ensure your child's school has goal-setting materials, enabling the child to create a vision plan early. In addition, setting goals with your kids can be incorporated into the curriculum of these lesson plans.

preschoolers playing soccer on school playground

Importance Of Goal-Setting For Your Children In School

It might seem like a burden to start instilling goal-setting skills into your kids in preschool. We understand that. But there are many reasons why you should still go for it. Here are some of them:

  • Prioritization: This skill doesn't always come naturally. You have to teach your kids to know essential things and treat them as such. Goal-setting for children can help with that.

  • Self-Motivation: Sometimes, it becomes challenging to keep up with our aspirations. The fear of failure often leads to doubt and low self-esteem. Goal-setting helps children realize that losses are only temporary and shouldn't cause them to abandon their goals.

  • Perseverance: In setbacks or academic failures, your child's determination should be essential. Goal-setting for your kids keeps them on the path of their goals even though they experience some difficulties.

  • Purposefulness: Goal-setting makes your children purposeful in everything they do. They become intentional about big and little things. They carry out their chores, school work, or any other assignment with a sense of purpose.

  • Defines Reality: It helps separate realities from fantasies. It also helps them know when to draw the line between possible and impossible. You wouldn't want them living in their heads all the time, would you?

  • Decision Making: Goal-setting for your children encourages them to make the right decisions. That gives them an edge when presented with tough choices. They slowly become master planners and strategic thinkers.

  • Independent Decisions: It also helps children play an active role in determining their future. The opinion of others doesn't easily influence them because they are focused on what they want to achieve.

  • Time Conservancy: Goal-setting in children leads to them making plans within a specific limit. They become time-conscious, which could help prevent procrastination.

child holding trophy over his head

What Are The Long-term Effects Of Goal-Setting For My Children?

The fundamental aim of goal-setting for children is to reap the long-term benefits. There are many, and we can only mention a few.

Goal-setting keeps your child moving with the right momentum in life. It also molds your children into becoming focus-oriented individuals over time.

Goal-setting improves their self-confidence with time. It also helps your children discover their strengths and weaknesses. It helps them visualize their dreams and gives them the knowledge and know-how to achieve them.

Finding an agency that considers these aspects of your child's growth is rare, but the good news is that we know the perfect one.

The Elite Nanny Team offers services that include the provision of goal-setting coaching that helps shape your child into a confident and purposeful individual. You can call on us, and we'll be sure to deliver the best for your child.


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