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Live-In Nanny/Professional Babysitter

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Live-In Caregiver | Minneapolis, MN | $27,000 Salary Position Plus Free Room and Board | 2 kids | 1 Week Paid Vacation

The Elite Nanny Team is looking for a dedicated live-in nanny who is available full-time. We are interested in a CNA/PCA with strong childcare experience for this wonderful family. Minimal housework and cleaning are needed; however heartening and The Elite Nanny Team always requires tidiness. Please help keep the kitchen and living room neat.

Your primary focus will be on the children. The first child is a toddler and is wildly intelligent. The older child is in school, and the family will need help with transportation. We are searching for a live-in nanny who is very smart, takes initiative, and wants to care for and run a household.

Individuals experienced with making Indian food are highly encouraged to apply. This family does not watch television and enjoys an emphasis on education. They would be described as laid back, reasonably social, and hard-working. Safety is paramount. The family will be covering the cost of your housing, which consists of a large bedroom area.

They will cover the cost of your electricity, wifi, cable, water use, and heating/ac and food costs. You are welcome to purchase and make any food that suits your palate. Ideally, we prefer someone very flexible and relaxed with a generous amount of availability.

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