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How Nanny Agencies Work - the FAQs

Do you hire just anyone?

Absolutely not! It is our job to find you educated, qualified candidates who match your personality and needs. We want the best for your child(ren) and we work relentlessly to find you a very experienced caregiver!


Do you provide nanny background checks?



Do you perform nanny drug testing?



Tell me about nanny pay.

The part-time or full-time nanny you hire will be paid by you. This allows you to contribute the maximum child care credit to your taxes that you are permitted by the IRS.


What is a nanny's average salary per hour?
The wonderful thing about the TENT Group is that you choose how much to pay him or her! We recommend a minimum of $17.00 an hour for a quality nanny and we currently do not accept clients who prefer paying less.


How long will it take to find a nanny?

Typically it takes us 3 weeks to place a nanny. In some instances, we may have contact with some excellent nannies who are currently available so we would be able to place them more quickly. It strongly depends on your needs.


Do we have to meet with the agency?

No, we are also able to speak with you over Zoom if you need a nanny quickly. However, meeting in person allows us to better observe your household needs.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept check, PayPal, and major credit cards processed thru PayPal or Square.

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Will we receive nanny profiles before we meet them?

Yes, in one form or another, you will be sent 3 profiles of expert caregivers the night before the interview with them.


Am I allowed to have a trial with the nanny before finalizing my decision?

Yes! You are always welcome to have a one-day trial with each nanny prior to hiring them if you need to get a better idea of their nanny skills and personality. However, please take the timeline into consideration when choosing this option. Also, please be prepared to pay for the sitters' work that day.


How do you handle vacations for the nanny?

As the employer, you get to choose the length of their paid vacation! We recommend 10 -14 days and splitting the days into two vacation groups. Paid vacation days are a wonderful benefit but they need to work for both parties. We recommend you choose half of the dates and the nanny chooses the remaining half of the days. That way you can coincide her/his vacation with yours!


Do I have to offer health insurance?

No, this is entirely up to you. Many of our families will offer a healthcare stipend that the nanny can apply toward their personal health insurance.


Is it possible to be sent several profiles to look at of nannies your team has interviewed and I can choose the 3 individuals I want to interview?

Yes, this is absolutely a possibility but we can not guarantee they will still be available for work when it comes time to interview.


What if the nanny we choose doesn’t end up being a good fit?

No worries! You Receive a 60-day guarantee for a free replacement from the date the babysitter’s Placement Contract is signed if it doesn’t work out for any reason at all! (Varies by package)


Do I have to provide a Nanny Vehicle?

Nope! Sometimes it makes more sense for the nanny to use their well-taken-care-of vehicle. We ask that you provide mileage reimbursement if you so choose.


What if the Nanny calls out sick? Do you have fill-in Nannies?

The purpose of our company is to locate caring, highly educated, dependable sitters who understand that caregiving is a profession. Much like you can’t call off work for any reason, neither can they! That is our expectation of the nannies we hire. In fact, we won’t hire any caregiver who has called off from their previous job more than 2 times in the previous year.  


What are your hiring practices?

It is illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee because of the person's race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, age (40 or older), disability, or genetic information.

Can we use a nanny cam?

Choosing whether or not to use a nanny cam is a highly personal decision. In some instances, it can relieve a new mother's separation anxiety.


On the other hand, some nannies are reluctant to work with families with nanny cams because they feel the parents don't trust them. 

One thing to remember is that we are in a very tight job market and a nanny cam can deter qualified candidates from working with a family. 

Do you recruit nannies with twins and multiples experience?

Yes! We absolutely recruit nannies with twins and multiples experience. Caring for many babies at once can be challenging and rewarding.

The nanny we recruit for your family will have to have previous multiples childcare experience.


They will also understand and embrace the importance of syncing the children's schedules. 

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