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Babysitting and Childcare Jobs

Want to become a nanny at the TENT Group? It is very important to us that our nannies are happy and well cared for.

We know that our professional babysitters depend on our clients for income.


We want our sitters to have a long-lasting working relationship with their nanny family.


Our childcare jobs grant a confirmed number of hours in income. Our nanny agency offers the security of a predictable work schedule.


If you are interested in a great-paying job in the Twin Cities, please continue reading.


Our nanny recruiting agency has full-time nanny jobs, part-time nanny jobs, temporary nanny gigs in Minneapolis, and special needs nanny jobs.


We are also recruiting for live-in nanny jobs. Let us find the perfect nanny job for you!

What Do Nannies Do?

Nannies are very different from babysitters. Becoming a professional caregiver in Minnesota means you are vital to the family’s organization and sanity.

Becoming a nanny is more than sitting and watching a child play. As a professional nanny, your role is so much more!


Parents depend on you to care for their house, take the children to and from lessons, engage the kids in educationally-advanced playtime, and ensure everyone’s safety the entire time!

As a professional sitter, you must be a problem solver, a shoulder to cry on, a multi-tasker, and an organizational guru!


Nanny duties often include:

  • preparing meals for both the children and the parents.

  • driving the children

  • creating lesson plans and activities

  • managing the household

  • assisting with chores and errands

  • developing a safe environment

  • traveling with the family on vacation

How Much Do Nannies Make a Year?

Nannies recruited by The Elite Nanny Team earn top nanny pay. Our greatest asset is that we work with elite, high-end clients who offer a livable wage for an experienced sitter.


Our childcare positions pay between $20.00 an hour (on the lowest end of the spectrum) and range up to $45.00 an hour (based on your professional nanny experience).


Nanny families commonly pay their nannies directly via direct deposit (for permanent and temporary babysitting positions). In certain instances, employees might receive hourly wages via check or cash. Payments arrangements will always be detailed prior to your start date.

Do Nannies Get Paid Vacation?

Our high-end clientele typically offers generous vacation packages including between 10 and 30 days of paid time off. 


Our loving nannies frequently receive federal holidays as paid days off in addition to their paid vacation time.


Depending on the region of Minnesota, employees may be offered sick and wellness days as part of their employment benefits.

Qualifications for Employment

TENT has strict qualifications to become a nanny through our nanny agency.

Frequently, our professional caregivers are in medical school and are working on their master’s degree or other advanced education.


Our sitters are not required to be college-educated, but it is important that they have a strong work ethic, fantastic interpersonal skills, and solid literacy prowess. 


Current and former infant lead teachers and daycare workers are encouraged to apply to our nanny placement agency. 


Basic Requirements for All Nannies

  • Candidates must be U.S. Citizens.

  • All household employees must be above 18 years old for all childcare positions.

  • Childcare candidates must have at least two years of working in a professional childcare setting.

  • Nannies must have a great car and a valid U.S. driver’s license (no permits)

  • Nannies must pass at least a 3-year background check.


We appreciate creative, productive, and imaginative babysitters who adore engaging children.


Teaching in fun and engaging way is the foundation of our business. 


Skillfully engaging your nanny kids in meaningful and educational activities is essential to our recruiting agency. Our clients rarely allow their children to watch television. 

Please know that we want you to relish your experience with the TENT Group!

We pre-screen families about their job requirements and childcare expectations so that we can make the best nanny-employer match possible.

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